UGC NET MOCK EXAM made easy, Model Mock exam for Paper-1 and Paper-2, Take the exam from your HOME, Registration OPEN to ALL, Challenge your peers all over INDIA, Confidently Face and Clear the exam, Get instant results and followup, Increase Your selection rates in the exam, Mock an Exam - Become confident, Practice with us & put your fear in the graveyard, Prepare well and success will kiss your feet.

For most of us the word 'Exam' gives a jittery chill down the spine and when the exam is about our career prospects and job it compounds to our anxiety. We boost your confidence by having real mock sessions with exam like questions. Our team is a couple of young professors and research scholars who share your vision and goal and to make you succeed.
Let your failure - RIP.

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Detailed solution will be also given for paper-1, however for paper-2 only answer keys will be provided


We take our work seriously and we rely on the principle that practice makes a person to be better equipped. Our service is efficient and easy to use across all mobiles, pads and desktops. Improve your chances of high marks by giving mock exams to see where you stand and your gray areas that needs more preparation

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Yes. This site is very useful and important to prepare nta net exam.

anonymous user

Simply fantastic. It is knowledgeable and useful, even timesaver also because I am a working lady and I have no time to make notes,so it's very helpful for me as well.

anonymous user

Practice makes perfect. I took their mock sessions repeatedly and focussed on my weak points from their feedback. Now I am a trainee in one of the leading IT company.


This is an excellent website for practicing previous papers. The user interface and format is good as it gives an experience which is the exam like.


Great practice papers. It has all the relevant information and mock tests required for practice .

Aanchal Chaudhary

this site is giving most imprtnt MCQs from paper1, am sure it will really helpful for upcoming net xam

Rubi Shihab

You guys are amazing!! Cheers!!!

anonymous user

Five stars for such an amazing service. This will help a lot of freshers like me.

anonymous user


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