ugc net paper 1 online practice set for Logical & Mathematical Reasoning - 11

Read all the instructions carefully before the exam

  • ##If you are working with mobile make sure you turn off your screen lock and other notifications and keep your browser screen open all the time, else it may not work properly

    ##Make sure to sit peacefully in a place to give the exam with a pen and a paper to work out.

    ##Use a desktop/laptop for full wide screen, if possible

    ##Theories have proven that mock exams can make you score better

    ##Give your best shot, Take it seriously as you give your real exam.

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  • 1.
    This paper consists of 10 multiple-choice-type of questions. All questions are compulsory
  • 2.
    Each item has four alternative responses marked (A), (B), (C) and (D). You have to choose one right answer
  • 3.
    There are no negative marks for incorrect answers. Each question carries two marks
  • 4.
    Time : 20 mts      Maximum Marks : 20
  • 5.
    Level : Easy
  • 6.
    Use the next button to go to the next question
  • 7.
    Use the Review button to modify/edit/see your answers for a particular question. Donot use back and forward buttons of the browser
  • 8.
    You can end the exam anytime by clicking the end exam button
  • 9.
    Pass Mark: 60%
  • 10.
    clicking start the exam button will start the exam

Note- this test is just an evaluation test to assess your preparedness for the exam. Passing/failing this test has no effect on your real exam